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Use this jumper harness on select Honda/ Acura vehicals easily connect OBD2A system to OBDI ECU. One (1) OBD2A to OBD1 Conversion ECU Harness. The harness adapter will allow you to use an older OBD1 1992 to 1995 ECU ( 1992 to 1995 computer) in your newer 1996+ Honda or Acura vehicle. The SpeedFactory Racing OBD2-A to OBD-1 Honda/Acura ECU Conversion harness allows you to use an OBD-1 Honda/Acura M/T ECU in a 96-98 (OBD-2A) Civic, Integra, Prelude, CR-V or Accord. We designed our harnesses to be superior to Battery Performance, Engine Performance, Oil Temp, Live Readings, Coolant Temp, DPF Temp, Fuel Pressure, Smog Testing, Fuel Trim and O2 Sensors. Some advanced features they offer include: Online Programming, ECU Programming, ABS, Misfires, Video Overlay, Battery Information, Anti-brake Lock System, Video Relay, Air Bag Problems, and Key Coding. Honda Obd1 Ecu Tuning Hi guys, I'm doing a JDM OBD1 B18C swap in my 2000 Civic hatch. So just to verify: 1. I am to use the integra engine wiring harness 2. I will need a OBD2b --> OBD1 jumper harness 3. I will need to wire the vtec solenoid and pressure sensor Is there anything else I'll need to get this engine... Bench harness built by sloppy mechanics page member Ben Nichols. If you are competent and just looking for what wires go where, without Now before anything else, plug it in and see if you can access the ecu with whatever you are using on the obd2 side, if you can...Ry wireのECU変換ハーネスです。EKシビック後期のECUからDC2やシビックEK前期のコンピューターへの変換が可能です。こちらの商品はRywire製になります。 Busaru.com - In this video I go through reworking a 2000 year harness, which is OBD2, for a VW Vanagon Westfalia. This shows the connectors you'll need to...Engine Management. Engine management, Boost solenoids, EMS, Piggy back fuel + ignition controllers ... OBD2A-OBD1 CONVERSION HARNESS. Regular price $70.00. KTUNER END ... OBD2A TO OBD1 Conversion P28 ECU Harness Adapter for Honda Civic Prelude 96-98 New. US Seller. Easily connect OBD2A system to OBDI ECU. OBD2A to OBD1 Harness. This harness adapter will allow you to use an older OBD1 to ECU in your newer 1996+ Honda or Acura vehicle. 1996-2001 Honda Prelude. 1996-1998 Honda Civic. Fixed Price $ 16.79 JDMEngineLand, Engine Land JDM : HARNESS ADAPTER - ACURA & HONDA NISSAN & INFINITY MAZDA TOYOTA & LEXUS SUBARU MITSUBISHI BRAND NEW PARTS WHEEL & TIRE NOSE CUT CARS JDM CONVERSIONS SELL OFF PARTS VOLKSWAGEN SUZUKI jdm, jdm toronto, jdm engine, jdm honda, acura,toyota,lexus,mazda,subaru, jdm toyota, japanese engines A B16a harness will go onto a B18c just fine, but it needs to be from a left hand drive car to go into an EM1. Top #288414 - 07/03/06 11:42 PM Re: OBD2B to OBD2A engine harness interchangable? Today's best 27 obd2 engine analyzer offers: Find the best obd2 engine analyzer coupons and deals from the most popular Diagnostic Tools stores for discounts.why is it nearly impossible for me to find a simple pin out of an OBD2 VR6 ECU and engine harness plug? if anyone can point me in the right direction that would be simply fantastic!!!OBD2A PLUG CONFIGURATION Below is an example that shows the onboard (female) connector configuration for an OBD2a ECU. Take note of plugs: A, C, and D. The blank connector (B) is only used with civic/integra vehicles equipped with A/T. Ry wireのECU変換ハーネスです。EKシビック後期のECUからDC2やシビックEK前期のコンピューターへの変換が可能です。こちらの商品はRywire製になります。 Harness Wire Harness Automotive OEM ODM Custom ISO9001-2008 Complete Car Wire Harness Automotive Engine Wire Harness. ... Automotive Wire Harness OBD2A-OBD1 OBD2B ... D & B-Series OBD2A Tucked Engine Harness Kit w/ Subharness | 96-98 Civic EK Sale price $395 00 $395.00 Regular price $445 00 $445.00 Save $50 IAT ECT Vtec connector plug pigtail Fit HONDA ACURA civic element pilot accord Oct 03, 2010 · You can actually use a US OBD1 engine wire harness in a 96-01 integra. You heard me right. 96-01 Integra's all retain a 2-piece wire harness design. Honda thankfully made the break off plugs backwards compatible with OBD1 EWH's. A U.S. 96-01 integra engine wire harness is a MUST for this type of swap! This is a key ingredient in getting an OBD2 engine to work in an OBD1 vehicle. The ever so clever Honda engineers were cool enough to make the US OBD2 Integra/Delsol engine wire harnesses backwards-compatible with OBD1 vehicles.
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Wireworx Stage 1 harnesses are for everyone who needs a neat and professional tucked harness while keeping the budget in check. The stage 1 harnesses are our off the shelf harnesses which have all the basic connections needed for most cars. You have the option to have The Wireworx tucked engine harness connect directly into your ECU of choice.

Used BRAND NEW NEVER USED OBD2A TO OBD1 ECU JUMPER HARNESS - for sale. 2181 Bennett Rd Philadelphia PA 19116 ... JDM ENGINE BAY 2439 Verna Ct. San Leandro CA 94577

Harness Wire Harness Automotive OEM ODM Custom ISO9001-2008 Complete Car Wire Harness Automotive Engine Wire Harness. ... Automotive Wire Harness OBD2A-OBD1 OBD2B ...

Product name: 179684-6 79 pins OBD2A ECU Connector Housing. Product Catalog: Pin Header. OnLine Service:

Our engine harnesses are 100% quality tested pin to pin; And resistance checked to ensure no voltage fluctuations. All engine harnesses are made with OBD1 (92-95) ECU Connectors. An ECU adapter must be used for OBD2a or OBD2b ECU's if necessary. Our harness does not support USDM OBD2 ECU's.

Jan 14, 2011 · im trying to wire a obd1 h22a1 into my obd2 97 accord.im running the p13 ecu from obd1 DONOR motor. i used the engine harness from the chassis (obd2). do i need this obd1-obd2 adapter harness? the donor motor is running but barely, i cant work it out, HELP PLEASE! the ecu is for the motor, surely...

OBD2A To OBD1 ECU Jumper Conversion Harness Cable For 96-98 Honda/Accord/Civic. Out of stock. Quick View. OBD2B to OBD1 ECU Conversion Harness Adapter Jumper For ...

1 x OBD2A to OBD1 Jumper Conversion ECU Harness. This harness adapter will allow you to use an older OBD1 1992 to 1995 ECU (1992 to 1995 computer) in your newer 1996+ Honda or Acura vehicle. to run any OBD1 1992-1995 ECU. OBD2A to OBD1 Conversion ECU Jumper Harness Adapter For Honda Civic Accord Acura | eBay If any questions please email me. This harness includes 3 1/2 feet of 18GA wire, wire. Beli Quick Shifter Online berkualitas dengan harga murah terbaru 2020 di Tokopedia! Pembayaran mudah, pengiriman cepat & bisa cicil 0%. I bought a P2T 99-00 Si ECU but I hear rumor that this is a bad recipe for my car without VAFC tuning. OBD2 ECU IAB Polarity; OBD2B Engine Harness w/ OBD2A or OBD1 ECU Tach Wiring Fix; Moates Engine Simulator V3 Wiring / Pinouts Vacuum Diagrams: 88-91 Honda Civic / CRX B16A vacuum diagram (without dashpot valve) 90-91 Acura Integra B18A1 vacuum diagram (with dashpot valve)